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This site is for business purposes only to show examples of our pages and stores to our future potential merchants that we do ad campaign marketing for. You are allowed to use the stores to make purchases if you would like.
Thank you!
iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Purchase your movies, mp3s, and CDs from us right here on our iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, Mac App Store

This website is mostly for the merchants that I advertise and market for. If you are a merchant who I have applied with here you will find most of my websites, blogs and social media where I do my advertisements of all products. You can also shop directly from the links here but it was not designed for that purpose.
Here on the left hand side of the page you can shop from any of my fine stores that provide products from the most trusted and worlds largest warehouse in the world; Amazon. Many times your shipping will be free.
Thank you for shopping with us!

First of all here is my Amazon Affiliate Store and anything you buy from this Amazon store you will in effect be buying from me and a portion of each sale will go to the supporting of the Gospel.

My favorite new stores can all be found here

Search Smart Competitive Shopping

Best Beauty Within Christian Beauty Supply Store

Christian Books & Cards

Fine Jewelry Store

Bunn & Krupp Pots, Coffee Wholesale

Little Elves"Toy's" Store

Christmas Toy Shop
Here are two new Facebook Health Food Stores (One from Kimi Darlene and the other from Ginger Rose) (from Ginger Rose)

And two new facebook stores

Shopping At Home Store
Shopping Store Smart Ladies Fine Clothing Store "For The Lady" coupled with our brand new Men's Fine Clothing Store:
"Real Men" blog.

And for the holidays we needed A Catering and Gourmet Food List so we have our new
"Gourmet Gift Baskets Grocery" All three of which were created the by the second week in November, 2012. And all of their SEO articles can be found on the links above where the articles are on the other blogs at

Hottest Great Music Blog (Created 10-25-2012) And this one iPad & iPhone Blog

I am now also a promoter or affiliate for Le-Vel weight loss lifestyle. Find my website here

Apple, iTunes, App, iBookstore, Mac App Store and more!
Body Detox Dieting Blog Body Detox Dieting has a separate website Body Detox Dieting All of these were created on the 2nd week of November 2012

The SEO article to support the former NFL blog that we no longer manage can be found here
Football Lovers Blog

ABA Electric Website created November 2010

Steve Iser's Commission Crush Feb. 21, 2010

Here are our Kindle Books with Clickbank ads:

"Touch The Sky" (Kindle Book with Click Bank Links) created July 18, 2012

"Flat Belly Recipes Included" with recommendation by Dr. Eric Braverman MD (Kindle Book with Click Bank Links) created Spring of 2012 Also, has it's own private domain And Flat Belly shares a blog with Best Diet Tips Diet Easy Fast Best Diet Tips Blog (Created 10-25-2012)

"Kitchen Cures & Ways Of Wellness" with recommendation by Dr. Hans Petermann PHD (Kindle Book with Click Bank Links) created Spring of 2012

"The Successful Single Life" By Kimi Gerred (Kindle Book with Click Bank Links) created Summer of 2012

"Apple Sauce With Cinnamon Sprinkles" By Kiim Gerred (Kindle Book with Click Bank Links) created summer of 2012
There may be more Kindle Books with Clickbank ads in the future.

How to build a Shed (Very 1st Professionally Monetized Affiliate Marketing Launch Site PUBLISHED JAN. 23, 2009)

Puppy Dog Training (Jan. 24, 2009)It also has it's own blog and it is a great one that ever pet owner should subscribe to Furry Friends Animal Lover Blog

Golf Swing Made Easy (Jan. 25, 2010) They all have their own blog here Golf Swing Basics Blog (Created October 25th, 2012)
Best Diet tips (Jan. 26, 2010) Best Diet Tips Blog is here Diet Easy Fast Best Diet Tips Blog (Created 10-25-2012)

Build Muscle Now

Fat Burner Jan. 28, 2010

TV 2 PC Jan. 29, 2010

Model Trains JAN. 29, 2010

Convert TV to PC

Watch Movies Online Jan. 30, 2010

Satallite Direct TV 2 PC Jan. 28-29, 2010

Music Productions Jan. 30, 2010

Streaming Movies Jan. 30, 2010

Wood Working For You Jan. 31, 2010

STREAM TV (I got this for two of my computers) FEB.1, 2010

Copy Cat Famous Restaurant Recipes Feb.1, 2010

Buying Penny Stocks Market Feb.2, 2010 (The Day of The Blizzard 2011)

Spy Mobile (The Personal Surveillance And Cell Phone Tracker Spyware) Feb.2, 2010 (The Day of The Blizzard 2010)

Free Mass Traffic Detour>>> The Dream Feb.3, 2010

Push Button Cash Feb.3, 2010

IPhone Apps Feb.3, 2010

Screen Cast PRO Apps Feb.3, 2010

1 Blog Cash Feb.4, 2010

Brennen Fett Burn Fat Feb.4, 2010

Get Paid For Surveys Feb.5, 2010

Green DIY Feb.5, 2010

A-Z Internet Marketing Feb.8, 2010

Simple 6 Pac Abs Feb.14, 2010

Yeast Free Feb. 21, 2010

Here Are Many Of Our Monetized Domains:
Hosting company that we purchased the domain from:
Go Daddy Domain Active 7/12/2013

Hosting Company that we purchased our domain from:

Hosted by


Domains by
Domain: Mad Dog Domains:
Hosting company 1& Domains:
Active June 3, 2014 Not Active 1/7/2013

Hosting Company 1&

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In March of 2014 we began our publishing department with the WWII author Annette Salvesen "Sworn To Secrecy WWII Memoirs"

Click here for my resume

You may shop from this side of the page was as we stated earlier, this site is a business site that was created to present our pages to future potential merchants. Thank you!
We also have several blogs and are linked up with many other social sharing websites. And we are on Tumblr (Currently, as of October 8, 2012 our Tumblr account has been hacked and awaiting an internet crime investigation) ,
Twitter,We are pretty new to this next one but it won't be long before we have lots of posts on here too
Pinterest and Facebook Then we have Google Blogger with about some Blog stores But we will display the for this example
Coffee Store And here is one of our four online stores at and it is called
"Health Food Cure" You can see other sites listed on the pages as well. Just click on the tabs to each website.
"And An Amazon Search Smart Website and blog"

Then Kim's Biography on Amazon:
Kim's Amazon Author Central page here Find some of our blogs here
American Eagle Blog,
Righteous Cause And my other new blogs that I am so proud of hot off the press in October 2012:
Golf Swing Basics Blog (Created October 25th, 2012), Next is my favorite because it is about MUSIC!!!
Hottest Great Music Blog (Created 10-25-2012), This one was recommended by a top internet marketing network
Flat Belly Recipes Blog (Created 10-25-2012),
Sportz Plus Blog,
Furry Friends Animal Lover Blog,
iPad & iPhone Blog

Body Detox Dieting Blog And it has it's own domain... my very first blog that has a domain (it also has it's own website
Body Detox Dieting
We are on
Manta too.

Here are some articles and Press Releases:

The Successful Life (Book) Press Re-Release July 2013
Here is the Article "For The Lady Only" Fine Clothing store for women
And Here is the Article for Real Men
Here is the Article Social Etiquette for our Gourmet Catering Store
Here is the Article for our "Howto Build A Barn" Hardware store
Here is our Professional Golf Store Article
Here is our Weight Loss Blog article
Here is our new Sportz Plus Store article
Here is another Weight Loss Article for a different weight loss blog store
Here is our Pet Store Article
The Greatest Toy Store Ever Article
And our article on The Greatest Music Blog
transcript and resume can be seen online here. So, you can count on Secure Servers, Happy Purchases, and Timely Shipping! If you are ever dissatisfied with any of our merchants please let us so know. Thank you!

In September of 2010
Highest Order became the backdrop for Kim Gerred Enterprises.
Here are my original websites when I first monetized my websites. I look back now and I remember how great I thought that these sites were. Now, I am almost embarrassed to show you from how far we've come. Laugh Out Loud! Some of the services that we provide now are online marketing:
& in Feb. 2010 we began our Tax Lien Investing 2010 and here is the link for2011 Tax Lien Investing.

Our Merchants>br>

Kimmy Gerred resume

First we will give you a list of our merchants that we do marketing campaigning for. Then we will introduce you to our social networking sites.
Currently we only do SEO marketing but we are hoping to begin PPC marketing for companies in the near future. Our SEO marketing and all of our affiliates are registered through one or more of the these (Link Share, Avangate, E-Junkie Affiliate Marketing, Google Affiliate, Affiliate Traction, Affiliate Crew CD Baby, More Niche, A Best Web, Click Booth , Market Health, India Herb,Click bank, ShareA Sale, Affiliate Bot and Commission Junction)some of the most trusted large affiliate marketers on the internet.
And If I ever need more here is a link for 150 more links

Now we will show you our social network where we distribute and circulate our webpages, blog posts and our ads of our marketing campaigns for different merchants that we represent.

I have about 20 different classified ads running at any given period.  I keep them updated, current and change them frequently to keep fresh readers.