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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jehovah Gmolah's (God of Recompence & Reward) Word Is Higher Than ALL!

Psalm 138:2

Exclaims God's word is esteemed and exalted higher than everything and everyone even Christ's Name Himself! God's word is higher than all & even Christ Himself is subject to the authority of God's word. Nothing & No One has as much power and authority as the Bible. God even says that our lack of faith will not effect the power of God's word in

Romans 3:3-4


Mark 7:12-14

Does tell us that if we disobey the word of God we make the word of God null and void. For instance if you are not a tither but you go to church, and to not keep God's word as a priority or a rule of thumb in your personal life. Then you cannot expect God to rebuke the devouring locusts that will come to consume you as a result of your lifestyle of sin.

Psalm 28:5

Tells us what God does to those who intentionally try to make the word of God useless.

Psalm 119:126

Is a prayer for God to take action against those who make the law of God of no effect. I have seen instances where those verses could apply. First with abortion. God says HE hates the shedding of innocent blood in Proverbs 6:16-17 and HE commands us "Thou Shalt Not Murder" in the book of Exodus chapter 20:13. But also I have seen it when the wicked have tried to oppress the righteous.

A God fearing Christian was owed a lot of money but some wicked person who was ruling over them tried to hold them captive. The Christian was tither and that qualified them for the blessings of God to pour upon thier lives through an open window to heaven. But the one who ruled over them stole the blessing or hindered the rightful owner from obtaining it.

Also I have seen a God fearing Child of God sow the Passover Offering which entitles them to an inheritance and to get property. Yet I have seen the wicked try to stop that from happening. This is the time when God will send rash judgments on the wicked. One cannot continually be obedient to the word of GOD while the wicked try to prevent them without the hand of GOD coming against HIS enemies. Hallelujah!

God said HE will pay them back seven times in

Psalm 7:12


Psalm 28:4

Says that HE will pay them back according to what they did. Sometimes one can see another person who claims to be a Christian but they do things that God says will bring HIS judgment upon them and then we don't see it happen and wonder why. Sometimes it could be because they are not the children of God but impostors. Such times this verse in


is appropriate. We see in Psalm 50:16 That God says HE does not even give them permission to use HIS word. Psalm 81:15 Calls them the "haters of the Lord" and because of that they lost the blessing.