SURVEY: AACC Pastor, Ministry Leader, and Lay Counselor Survey      2011-09-08

Date submitted2011-09-08 18:27:39
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I am really not called to counseling but since it is so easily available and my core college education was in
Pre Med and Psychology I I got one semester credit from AACC and took two more online classes with 3CE's
a piece. However, I am called to Politics. And if you could add some political science classes pertaining to
Sociology then I can take more without feeling I've got off my path that God ordained for me. I have been
trying to justify my CE here at AACC but I'm called to Politics!

I would also feel that the classes were more legitimate if they had academic acknowledgement from across
 the board rather than just Regent University. But since AACC has made the classes so affordable and easy
 for me to take online I will continue to take them when I know that the class will significantly help me in
my goal of healing society as an active member, and on my path to political Science, and while I minister
 to our blessed troops as I have done regularly since January 2006.

If you have more affordable (20.00 early bird special 3CE's) classes related to PTSD or trauma, Leadership,
 Law and Ethics, Or any political science related to sociology like multi-cultural issues, perhaps I can take
another class from you. But I sure wish they would grant you academic accreditation across the board!
 Thank you! I love AACC! And everyone would benefit from attending some of the core curriculum at AACC!
 God Bless You!