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 I got a check for 82.78 on June 23, 2014 from Orange County.  What you are looking at is a check for $127.48 that Orange County Tax Collector paid me when I bought a $82.78 tax lien at 18% (County guaranteed) interest. So they paid me interest of $44.70. Sound too good to be true? Well I promise you it really happened!

Today is August 13, 2014 and I just bought another one in Orange County for $64.34 as you can tell, I didn't have the money to pay for Donald Trump's classes, and this is my way of "Filing" or record keeping, Documenting my purchases.  He teaches to purchase from inside of an IRA but I never could figure out how to do that so I will just have pay taxes on mine until he can straighten me out a bit! 

Here is one I purchased in Escambia County on July 1st, 2013 for 84.37

I earned 17.75% interest on this tax lien and they sent the check this week. They sent me a check on March 19th, 2012 that came this week for $51.73 on a the original purchase of $45.11 on June 3, 2010. I earned six dollars and sixty two cents from 17.75 %. I earned more interest than 99% of the general populous and if I had more money to invest I would be as rich as Donald Trump in three years!
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    • Kim Gerred 
      Don't confuse my investing in the world's system to gain profit because you have to have money to help the poor. I've been giving to the Sudan victims, to Haiti and to other 3rd world countries for years. I am a tither, and I have not failed to come before the Lord 3 times a year with the Holy Feast Offerings. I have kept the Passover for over 10 yrs. and about eight years ago I began keeping the other two Holy Feast offerings as well. May 27th is time for the 3rd Holy Feast by the Hebrew calender year. But by the American Calender it will be the 2nd Holy Feast Offering of this year.


 They just sent me a check for $43.86 on the original purchase amount $38.03 on 02/17/11 @!3

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    • Kim Gerred I earned 16% interest on this tax lien investment.

 Purchased these in 2014 in Escambia County