The Dream 
In November of 2005 God spoke to me in a dream! More clearly than any other message that HE had given me before or maybe it was because I was thrilled and filled with new life and new hope when I awoke.
You may not believe in dreams and that is okay! If you know someone who is not living what they preach then that is a false prophet. Anyone who has ever known me in the past 15 years know that I have lived 
to please the Lord by obeying HIS word as my priority. The bible tells us that there are false prophets with false dreams and false prophesies and false visions. And there are famous Men whose names are among the greatest names are in the Hall Of Faith. And some of them had dreams. 
Abraham had a dream, Joseph could interpret dreams and he had dreams. The book of Job tells us that God warns us with dreams. Not all dreams are warnings.
Joseph had a dream of what the future held for him so that he could endure the hard times that he had in the pit, the prison on his way to the palace. 

In my dream there was a tall high seated political figure of a man in a suit standing over my right knee and he was bent over my knee and anointing it. I knew when I woke up that God had anointed me to run in politics. 
My dad was WW11 Navy and he used to always tell me that it is always darkest before Dawn. The darkest began one month prior to the dream. 
So the dream really instilled great hope and anticipation in my heart. I know that the dream was a message from God to me. And I am certain it has to do with HIS agenda to end abortion. But there are a lot of things going on in
our nation that our founding fathers would not have allowed. They would have never let them take  prayer out of our schools in 1963.
And I wander what they would think about Sharia Law in the British Courts? 
Or what they would think about Dearborn, Michigan. 
Or How they would feel if they knew that the Ten Commandments and the American Flag have been prohibited from being displayed in American Court Houses or on California Fire Department trucks.
It was only because of our Fore Fathers Founding Faith that 
God gave us so much grace to the Greatest Country in the world. It is time we get back to the bible! 
If Great Britain would have known what the bible says about using a judicial governing system other than the native land uses is prohibited for God's people perhaps they would have never allowed the Muslims to practice Sharia law. 
The bible says if a stranger enters another mans country that they must obey all the laws of the land or else they have to go back where they came from. And it declares that there is only to be one law used to 
govern the land and it is the native law of the land. 
For instance, America is a Free country but if you were to travel to China they are not a free country.
China has made decisions that are perfectly fine in the mind of a mortal man. But if you run those ideas by God HE will declare you a back slid reprobate. 
Well God doesn't like it when we murder our babies! Nor does HE like it when we don't have freedom of religion! 
So, God's people need to consider these things too. 

When you see Ole' Glory flying proudly in the open sky, please remember freedom is never free!

Liberty is the greatest thing America has going for us and GOD forbid that to ever change!  Freedom to live as one chooses is what makes this country great.  

God did no less by giving us the same choice  "Choose you this day whom you will serve, If God be God then serve HIM.  If Baal be God then serve HIM." , 

 Life and death are in the power of the tongue; choose life that you and your seed may live.  


Kim Gerred is a Conservative Leader Whose Heart Is  For Life.  And To End All Abortions Unless it is to save the life of the mother. We are not the author of life so we should not be the taker of life! 

Kim Gerred Is Also Passionate About America Going Green!  We know that it will be a long and tedious process.  We agree with Boone Picken's Plan concerning Natural Gas in Vehicles using American Highways!

We Believe It is Time To Shift America Into A More Environmentally Friendly Spot On The Globe by Increasing Our Clean and Renewable Energy Production and Consumption and by Decreasing Our Use of Toxic Producing Energies.