Kim has a very passionate soul and out of her deepest passion sometimes comes issues that she finds hard to verbally communicate about.  Though she is much less timid than she used to be, sometimes she still feels the best way to get her point across is through poetry. She has published one book of poetry

"God Keeps His Promises"


She has lost hundreds of other poems when she lost the hard drive of a computer in Florida in September 2005.  There are a few copies of some of those original poems floating around somewhere in the email archives of her closest friends during the early 2000's.  But Kim has not been able to trace any of them down.

She also wrote an annual devotion that had over 370 pages but that too was lost when the server at the web page manager and some computer glitch was able to get into her account at tripod and she lost that entire book of the annual devotion but she intends on writing another one soon.  

She has also written a book on Kitchen cures and natural remedies titled "Kitchen Cures & Ways of Wellness" that is available only online at this time.   However she is searching for a publisher for that one. 

Now "Kitchen Cures & Ways Of Wellness"  also released in March of 2012  "Flat Belly" made the top 100 paid "BEST SELLER" list on Amazon for over four weeks and "Apple Sauce With Cinnamon Sprinkles" her new CD "Oh Lord" Get them all at her Amazon store.   Another new one just published in Spring of 2012 "The Successful Single Life"  Find many of them here on Kim's Author Central Page at Amazon