God Knows Your Pain
Dedicated to a special someone & she knows who she is~

I know you deserve better than what you've had in life
And Everyone but you is to blame for all the strife

But as your brother knows and always says it will all turn out right
So we must trust that God will lead us through the dark into the light

I cannot bare to see you hurt, confused or scared
You deserve the truth not lies that you have bared

My prayer is that somehow God will let you see
The ones who would always choose you over greed

The ones who love you more than you will ever know
Who would fight for you with all their power they could bestow

They would rather have crumbs then riches just to be with you
Because they love you truly no matter what you do

We will always be here now & forever just for you
We await your return when ever you choose too

No we are not perfect & we've made some mistakes
But love was never in question & ours was never fake

To be honest this world is not good enough for you
You really do deserve better everything & that is the truth

But as God did for Joseph turned the bad for good
God will always give you what is proper as HE should

God wants to answer every question that you have & more
Always trust HIM to show you truth & to shut & open doors

Ask that HE close quickly the ones that will do you harm
And to expose any deception even though they charm

Ask HIM to open only the doors HE wants you to walk through
And to barricade the wrong ones no matter what you do

I love you forever,  Mommy