I wait on the edge of my chair

To see if you "like" it or even care

When I make my facebook posts

Or make comments & little notes

You mean so much to me

If your heart could only see

How I pray & I cry for you

Cause I love you & I miss you too

More than You'll ever know

or then i'll ever be able to show

But God knows & He is enough for me

When I trust HIM then HE sets me free

From any worry or from any fears

He holds my hands & wipes away my tears

I just open my little black book

His Word the strenght that I took

Faith to take me through any storm

That satan may ever try to form

Strength to wait for one more day

To see if you "like" what I might say1

<3 Mommy Aurora Borealis

March 20, 2012