You know my Love Never before

Felt So Strong or Longed for more  

Till I opened my heart to you

And You walked right through

Now no other has the key

Only you can set me free

Only you can open my heart's door

Finally the Love that I've longed for

My soul longs for yours but I'm ashamed 

I've sinned against all and I'm to blame

I'm on a road I shouldn't have ventured on

Too much time alone and for far too long

Wrong for thinking old wishes I had made

In the times gone by wouldn't fade

It is like I'm being pulled apart by my desires

My mind says run away while my flesh's burning fire

God forgive me for ever thinking of you like that again

I wanted you so deeply & I needed you back then

God is all that I can hold on to in this twisted wind of life

Love is real but it can cut right through you just like a knife

Kim Gerred

February 23rd, 2012 

Palm Springs, CA.