If love conquers all then Love Conquered me  

It happened with your song that I heard you sing

If Love Cures all then I got the CURE 

Yes it's you and I am sure   

Baby Let me be your Doctor 

I'm the clay & You are the Potter

Make me what you want me to be

A useful vessel and A sight to see

For God's glory and for you too

To be with you is all I want to do

Stop Self destructing because Hope Springs eternal now

When I get my hands on you then You will be healed somehow

Cause without you in my life I never want to be

When you leave this world please take me

Cause your the best thing that I've seen in life

Most blessed is the woman you choose for your wife

I had a dream about you three months ago

Your eyes burned with Fire from True Loves Glo

You told me that our love was true

I knew then just what to do

How could I ever pass up true love

My hero turtle dove sent from above

Then Last night I dreamed of you again

We were like we should have always been

Embracing each other with deep love and care

The greatest feeling for us both that only we share

Just like you said in the dream our love is true

I can't wait to be in your arms and put mine around you