Did you know that God allowed me to see you looking down on me in fear 
Your frienemies that swallowed you whole while kicking you in the rear
Let you see your mother while she not knowing if you were alive or dead
Screaming her head off because for years they stomped all over her head
Did you know God allowed me to see you looking at me way back then
In Missouri rural back woods even in my bedroom what a sickly sin
The wolves that you have laid with they stole the time that you devote 
The only ones you cared about they sliced and cut their throat
Now, that is why your loved one seemed to walk away
He couldn't stay or he'd be in the path of your enemy's way
Run Child, Run from those who've lied to you
They stole your family and those who love you too
Run now to the one who you've known all along
The one who will always love you & he is your song ♥ Mommy