Sherri' Cherry

Often times I knew that you meant too much to me

Maybe that's why our lives at times apart had to be

Many times you have been an anchor to my soul

bringing me great strength helping me to be whole

You always saw life so much clearer than I could

Maybe just like only a true prophet would

With the heart of a mother eagle you take care so very well

of those who God has given as I'm sure your life does tell

You mothered many besides those who were knit in your womb

And with your sweet love your heart also did them consume 

I have a special prayer I have been praying only since I found you on face book

That God will heal you from the inside out and give back what every enemy took

You are just as smart and sweet as you were when you were seven years old

When I made you my best friend and you kissed Jeff Alexander or Nick Houston & told

I love you girl now & forever and I will always be willing to play

Spin the bottle with you, Jeff, Nick, The Edge & Bono  any day!

Thank you for being a friend!

Kimi Darlene Gerred

October 19th, 2011

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday!  Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! 

God Bless Sherri' with divine health, length of days, and a FULL life span with NO DISEASE!  Hallelujah!