Kim's Photo Album With The Children                  

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 Kim was able to take the children to the beach with her all the time because Kim had been given about seven between 2000 and 2005 prescriptions for aquatics or pool therapy to help her recover from her multiple injuries.  Between prescriptions Kim always does her own physical therapy to help her maintain mobility with less pain. 

 Kim went to church every week anyway so she didn't mind some of the children riding with her.  In fact, because Kim was in the ministry she always invited the children to ride with her to church so they would have a better chance of surviving the lifestyle of their neighborhood in the Ghetto Projects of Tarpon Springs, FL.  

And to learn more about how Kim was able to minister to so many children during that time get the book "The Successful Single Life"  that tells about it here

Kim & The Kids 

Kim took lots of photos with the kids!  

Kim ministered to about 100 children in the Tarpon Springs, Fl. area between 2000-2005 taking them to three local churches between Clearwater, Palm Harbor and Tarpon Springs.  Kim also drove them to the beach in Indian Rocks Beach, to the Fishing Pier North of Holiday, Florida and to the beach at Howard park in Tarpon Springs.  Kim also took them to the YMCA in Palm Harbor, Florida. Kim taught many of the children beginning piano lessons and some of them went on to become her star pupils as they learned to play and sing songs that Kim had written.